Bitcoin Hardfork Segwit2x | HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR BITCOIN!

Bitcoin will hardfork once more in November 2017. This video explains very simply how such a break up of a blockchain works. Within the subsequent couple months choices should be made by miners and customers. Which Bitcoin fork are you going to assist? And in addition will you be able to double your Bitcoin? Let me know your opinion within the remark part and go away a LIKE for those who do.

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  1. What do you think about this topic? Are you ready to double your Bitcoin?

  2. You can't moron. Do you think there won't be securities and protection for this "replay transactions". Go ahead and lose all your bitcoins instead.

  3. Hey Sunny, ich hab meine Coins auf dem ledger nano s auf segwit liegen, hab natürlich auch meine Privat keys, wie verdoppeln die sich dann? Oder muss ich die coins auf legacy liegen haben? Würd mich über deine Antwort freuen.

  4. do you reccomend to buy BTC now before the fork, to generate Segwit2x?

  5. There will be no FUD. I would not worry. We’ve had two forks this year and the price kept going up. Nobody even cares anymore. And please don’t ever say “devil-lopper” again. That’s totally wrong.

  6. My doubt is, should I buy now or wait for segwit2x to see whats happening? My fear is buy now and bitcoin price goes down because segwit2x

  7. You're acting like the "monkey with his hand in the jar". Segregated witness sounds like a 'secret society' . I say NO, don't buy.

  8. Bitcoin sagwait2x who is date of nvo. Hard frok

  9. I'm testing this new idea on YouTube called "Paying it forward with Bitcoin." Deposit funds into this address and then I'll pay it forward to another and I hope people keep paying it forward . What do you guys think ?

    Deposit any amount to BTC Address below . 1DQNyfyCAQzCiUL6JALBBF11ovcCWDvncx

  10. This Guy is uninformed, this is bankers, Mastercard funding a way to erase bitcoin so that they can control all the transactions.
    It is simple, DO NOT !!!! work with Segwit X2…………..Our world is in such financial catastrophe because of bankers, you need to take the power back in your own control, Decentralization is where the power is, do not mistake that !!!

  11. jump to 8:20    thank me later

  12. is it a good idea to keep your bit coins on a nano device will this also give me twice the amount of bitcoin at the folk thank you your show is great you are extremely in formative

  13. make a content on mathamatical game theory. Aloha

  14. hi, is blockchain supporting the btc2x fork?

  15. I am getting mixed reviews here you say keep your private keys. I own a trezor but I feel what if bitcoin does crashes and my bitcoin is on a trezor. I would have to send the coin to an exchange and then hope it makes it in time to sell. I feel I should keep my bitcoin on gdax as they have stated they will honor all customers and give us our segwit2x coins? Really confused what do you think is the best move?

  16. your videos are soo interesting thank you!

  17. Im investing in theese sites and they are paying out as planed. if you have questions about any of them you can ask me anything in PM
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  18. Hi. Could you please tell me: Do I get free Segwit2x coins if I keep my BTC on Bitfinex?

  19. I think most forks solve problems, but only some solve it in the best way

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  21. pretty scamy title and message.

  22. Love videos with people who have different accents than myself. I feel like I pay more attention to what they're saying. Keep up the good work man, love your videos

  23. Thank a lot sunny decree..a great help for me newbie on bitcoin..


  24. Hey Sunny quick question if I have let's say 0.50 in BTC will I have 0.50 in Bit 2x after the hard fork? I can't seem to find any clear answer to it. Thank you for your time

  25. Can you please explain the if miners are rewarded with bitcoin for confirming transactions, what will happen when all bitcoins have been mined… how will miners be rewarded then and who will approve and confirm the transactions?

  26. GENESIS MINING IS A RIP OFF they will let build up then Close off and Change Names and DOMAINS.. DON"T DO GENESIS MINING

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    Violets are blue
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    May I get a view ?

    Cuz every view, like and comment can possibly change my life one day 🙂 thank yoooouuu

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  30. PowerLedger (POWR) Price seems low for what it is and the reviews!!!
    Has anyone researched trying to buy while price is low if its as good as it sounds???
    Under $1

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  34. core devalopers? love it. I think thats what ill call the developers when they screw up something. Oh tron and there core dev-a-lopers

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