Should You Actually Use Bitcoin Cash

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1:43 Threatened Mining Swimming pools
four:58 Market Replace
7:30 Should You Actually Pay Utilizing Bitcoin?
three:30 Bitcoin Marriage ceremony
9:50 Finest Rehab Methodology
10:17 European Central Financial institution Cant Regulate Bitcoin
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? I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation. I am only a humble man with an important ardour for all issues block-chain, even tangle.

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  1. Bitcoin broke through!!!! We broke her in!!

  2. 60fps: yes. 1440P: yes. More vids: yes!

  3. Dude, wheres today's update? You have a duty to the public to share your thoughts and provide good crypto updates!!

  4. Hey CD, I basically agree with your view on Technical Analysis.
    Most of the Youtuber's I watch who use TA, are generally wrong! There's some broad TA that can be applied and MA, MACD, RSI, etc. can be helpful, but it's silly of them to base decisions on that alone.
    As you said, news affects price and I also think sentiment, the magnetic influence of BTC and many other factors that can't be charted, affect the future price.
    Anyhoo, great work as usual from you.

  5. Haha, silk road comment – epic! 🙂

  6. Please, let us know when visit NYC – would live to meet in person!


  8. Yes BitcoinCash is the way forward ❤️ you are sprouting lots of propeganda and lies told by blockstream/core…

  9. The Philosophy behind technical analysis is, that the news are allready calculated in the Price by other Investors.

  10. I liked your shorter videos of 5-6 min. better which were crisp updates on each day with market and latest news covered. 10+ mins means i may not be able to watch all your videos eveyday.

  11. Have you looked into Monetha for payment process similar to PayPal? I haven't bought into it, even though I think it could do well, particularly with the review and transferability of reputation,

  12. I subscribed for the funny sketches but I keep coming back for the great analyses. Keep up the good work!

  13. Regarding Technical analysis vs The News (Fundamental)
    You are absolutely right that the News is important to pay attention to however, if the News says that such-and-such an important project is going to take off, how do get the TIMING right?
    How do you know WHEN an instrument you are trading will go up/down. Truth is, you can't.
    Take Samsung stock last year, right before their explosive battery fiasco: No one knew the REASON or what would cause the stock to fall (temporarily) but tech analysts could see from the charts that around August 2016 the Samsung stock was showing a technical pattern that was essentially a short term sell signal and would happen very soon

    – and hey presto, the Galaxy Note Handgrenade was released.

    In conclusion, I think both technical analysis and the fundamentals have their merits, and true strength can be found in a balance of both.

    Thanks for reading

    That is all.

  14. to clarify: You Trade by not looking at the Charts?

  15. It's not only the miners that support bigger block and are against extended softfork segwit implementation we have today. Bigger blocks are a must every way you look at it, if after the big blocks that want to make it impossible to implement safe and well tested way's to add side-chains that to not take away from the main-chain in anyway, than you can start to question their motivates.

    I think you should question bitcoin core/blockstream much, much, much more because what they are doing is destroying bitcoins potential

  16. Great article exposing of the spamers/manipulaion you mentioned in your vid 😉 Outing pools inc. 1-Hash, Antpool, BitClub Network,, HaoBTC, KanoCKPool and ViaBTC. (all of which are affiliated with Bitmain)

    see link to article in Bitcoin Magazine:

    Keep up the good work, Piece-out -)

  17. TenX has been out of stock for 3 months now.. but they are shipping them cards out just slowly, I ordered mine on 22nd of july and got it on the 26th of september..

  18. if you go to new york, please do a bitcoin parody of the Orange Juice Trade from trading places! it would be mint

  19. Bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin

  20. because of the Gresham's law, #Bitshares has bitUSD, bitCNY to pay for them in the shop…

    and with his 3 sec block you don't need middlemen

    bitcoin always engages intermediaries so it does not implement P2P and F2F philosophy
    that's why it is obsolete for me

  21. Oh no – don't actually use crypto, no no – just let bad money drive out good.

  22. I do agree with this. I have myself seen, several times on QuadrigaCX – that the exchange is being exploited by people with very large amounts of bitcoin cash. In a heartbeat all of the exchanges can drop from $2500 CAD to $1700 CAD. That drop can wreck many peoples investments if they do not tread carefully. I sincerely hope that Bitcoin Cash doesn't move forward to take the market cap of bitcoin but it is doing a pretty damn good job of it so far by passing Ethereum. Here's to hoping squad.

  23. You sound like ALI G. Is you from Steynes?

  24. So maybe accepting Segwit is not a technical improvement but a defense against miner evolution.

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