What is Bitcoin? and Can We Trust it?

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  2. I don't trust gates. don't u either

  3. Cant the maker of bitcoin just make millions of bitcoins for himself and buy anything he wants with no downside? If so he has infinite money

  4. So…if I have 10k in bit coin…how do you translate that into an actual acct? Can you pay rent with it? Buy groceries? Pay my hair stylist? I guess this is cool if you shop online a lot, but irl???

  5. bitcoin = paperless currency = nwo = rfid chips bare code 666 ( you will be tracked and traced you will be turned on and off ) = mark of the beast = luciferians! = rape, ritually sacrifice and eat babies and people.

     the nwo want a digital currency they hate paper currency. They want bitcoin once money is paperless you'll need the rfid chip to spend it every were (their actually making it profitable to suck the sheeple into it) = all bar codes have 666 the mark of the beast = luciferians gotcha bitch!

    All bitcoin is is ones and zeros it's not tangible matterial just how the nwo wants it's. Then who controls those unlimited ones and zeros buttons lol = LUCIFERIAN JWO LOL

    666 bar codes, rfid chips and paperless currency is old news. This has been on the nwo agenda for a minute. It's seems like this agenda is finally maturing, metastasizing.

    Make they're deaths profitable and people will invest in it.

  6. People want meaningless packets of code so they can trade it for meaningless pieces of paper.

  7. The creator is unknown sign of the beast at work in the Bible it says you will have one currency to buy anything and have the sign of the beast on your hand and forehead how is this happening..

  8. Bitcoin? BITE ME –_– don’t fall for this scam!

  9. "it will eliminate (((the ones inn the middle)))" I like it already. Ill be looking more into this

  10. Anytime Bill Gates is talking. It's full of $hit 💩💩💩

  11. but if you have no internet no matter how much Bitcoin you have you're broke?

  12. What a silly confused explanation…

  13. Bitch Coins. ;o

    (Joke no h8.)

  14. I don't get it, are we soon going to have to use bitcoin to pay our bills, taxes, and buy food and other things from stores? Will paper currency be obsolete? Please someone explain…..

  15. I'd rather just have sex. So yeah. 😊

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  18. I got robed and they stole all my robux

  19. And here i thinking how bitcoin can cause inflation.

  20. "cuz its like kleenex" lol cuz it cleanses your money to buy drugs, hitmen, child porn or whatever u want.

  21. If you want to buy some you can use this link. https://www.coinbase.com/join/59f8a80fe9747f015d9f50db
    Start with 100.00 and learn as you go. You can buy a piece of coin and still profit.

  22. It's still an idea that needs to be backed up by "real" money.

  23. Guys, though you have some uncertainties about this, in my opinion Bitcoin do worth to try tho, check this out if you, re interested, may be helpful : https://tinyurl.com/y9utnbqn

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  25. I prefer gold. It's actually real and can be used in multiple things… such as phones. Peter Schiff puts a good argument forward. 'What is actually backing bitcoin and such?' Bitcoin I admit is a good idea but it's most likely going to be a ponzy scheme.

  26. hahaha bitcoin just went from 19 000 to 6000. thousand of you idiots just lost your money. gg wp

  27. I believe the creator is from the future

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  29. I still don’t understand bitcoin

  30. Bullshit ALERT!!! Product placement!!!!

  31. do you believe that their Real badass hacker? the ones that can flip you $10000 worth of Bitcoin under an hour..
    you need money? then contact>>>(whatsapp)+1423 600 9667, just the help i can do too y'all

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  33. I'm still confused after watching five of these bloody videos. Ok. I see a pair of shoes for sale on the internet. I want to buy it using bitcoin. How do I get the bitcoin? It still involves real life money that ultimately comes from my bank account right? All these videos talking about bitcoin existing in some ethereal zone disconnected from real world money, but that pair of shoes is still gonna cost me 50 bucks. Where does that 50 bucks come from? Damn I'm old.