BITCOIN Price Surge, China, Jamie Dimon, What You Need To Know

On this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange offers you the most recent breaking information bitcoin, the most recent 48hr value fluctuations of the cryptocurrency, Chinas strikes towards bitcoin exchanges and ICO’s in addition to very attention-grabbing feedback for Jamie Dimon

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  1. Put them in jail and good is! 😉

  2. Volatility is not normal in currency markets. Stable currencies do not fluctuate hundreds of dollars in value overnight. Why oh why in the world does not anybody, ever, say that Bitcoin is and will always remain questionable until the founder/ creator(s) come forward. The entire thing is a ghost currency, backed by nothing real. It's origin story isn't even real. I can't believe the degree of speculation hitting this currency, and moreso the amount of people who think this thing is gonnna make it. The best Bitcoin has to offer is block chain technology. But Bitcoin cannot thrive without people knowing who created it and why. We literally could be playing with a currency created by North Korea or Iran or Russia or something. All a scam dude…

  3. Bitcoin is not going to fix anything and could be taken over in a second by the current establishment. If they tell you on their networks they are worried about it or scared of it, then you can bet that's exactly what they want you to do. Remember, up is down and black is white with them. If they let you on their networks or have talked about it on their networks, then it's a scam. When they are worried about something or don't want to see something gain strength, they don't even mention it. Ever.

  4. All my life I have been thinking only a big collapse or catastrophy has the power to change our society…. and then along came blockchain technology and for the first time I realized the potential for change, without a global catastrophy. I have full confidence in bitcoin, ethereum, steem, etc… Let the change begin!

  5. bitcoin is DEFINITELY NOT A SCAM, any in the tip 1 are very genuine….. Jeff isn't a scam artist, he's just a pure capitalist with a totally contradictory sales pitch… just go in eyes wide OPEN. He's selling on the wave, simple, lots of less knowledgeable people are. – no true good advice is totally free.

  6. Honey Badger currency, but also Honey Pot currency.

  7. ABCya gatekeeper, not sure who backed up the dump truck of money to your house but fuck you man, and your sellout friends.

  8. If we loose electricity ATM's won't work the shipping will stop because truckers won't be able to get fuel. The stores will close.  If and when Systems come back on line, my bitcoin will be there…. not so sure about the banks or your employer.

  9. This will turn in to the cashless society just like is described… monetary value is the destruction… until that way of thinking and living is overcome,,, Life as We know it will be under, not our control!!!

  10. Going to check out Bitcoin for sure

  11. When my fav channel makes a video about my fav thing ! <3

  12. My understanding is that quantum computing will spell the end of encryption. Hence the end of any enterprise the "Dark Government" wishes to crush. Also, the powers that feel threatened can hire a street thug to 'end' you on the cheap in Acapulco or any third world sanctuary you think safe. Betting against the 'established power' may be a shaky prospect.

  13. When America Collapses so will the internet!

  14. sorry. lost me on Berwick. Master of the ponzi scheme. BTC will work only until governments crack down. Does he not understand how fiat works? They print it so that you can pay your taxes. That will never change. And they are not going to accept BTC for this. They will just create their own crypto. If you don't use their's, you will go to jail locally, or to hell abroad exactly as occurs today. Try not to get drunk on the euphoria of the uptick in this pyramid scheme. Other than the black market, there is no long term value in BTC specifically.

  15. There's a lot of division now amongst the "sound money" crowd, due to cryptos and guys like Jeff.
    All it took was promises of digital riches to get people to give up on returning our system to a NON fiat arrangement. I'm not giving up on that dream. Digitized money certainly has its place in modern society, but how are cryptos NOT a fulfillment of the big government/big central banker dream of a "cashless society"? They WANT to be able scrutinize every single transaction, and people are just willingly falling right in line. Smh. An entry on a block chain spreadsheet is worth more than a few ounces of 24k gold? BULLSHIT. If Bitcoin were a legitimate threat to the banking establishment, it would already be gone. I mean, they bomb the HELL out of nations over messing with the banking system…oh, but Bitcoin is off limits? ??
    I'm not trying to,be an asshole, but I really do believe people are being taken for a ride. You're doing EXACTLY what "they" want you to do. My hope is that all of you truly savvy investors are taking a percentage of your BTC gains, and transferring them into hard assets. It's one thing to speculate and make gains, but totally another to put all of your eggs in one basket, while ignoring the risks.

  16. hope ppl see this and unsubscribe he is paied by the zionists
    fact look it up your self and dont listen to him plz


  18. Get on board with crypto currency folks. you might find yourself a few years down the road with devalued crashed fiat currency while millenials become millionaires with bitcoin and other alt coins like ethereum, litecoin, dash!

  19. Thank you for educating a bunch of people on bitcoin and other alt coins!!!

  20. You create a new digital currency of 1 million coins. I create another new digital currency with 1 million coins. You take $1,000 fiat and buy one of my coins. I take the same $1,000 and buy one of your coins. We have now established the market value of our coins at $1,000 fiat each. The market capitalization of each of our coins is now 1 million coins times $1,000. We are now both instantaneously billionaires. Remember, 1% of Bitcoin owners own 99% of the Bitcoins.

  21. Luke, I'm sorry to say but when it comes to AI he is just wrong. For exemple, when he talks about the "click to prove you're not a robot", what he fails to realize is that, that button in itself is already a form of AI. When you click it, Google receives all sort of information like where your mouse is, how it has been moving, how fast did you click since the page loaded and loads of other (non-disclosed) data. This data is then fed to an AI witch decides if you're a robot or not. Therefore you can't really use the argument "AI is weak because it can't defeat captchas 2.0" since Captchas 2.0 is an AI in itself. All an AI needs to be successful is loads of data and a good team of programmers, and guess what…. Google has both. The ideia that AI only comes in the form of scary looking robots is dead wrong.
    Anyway, keep up the good work and allways do your research! (not trying to say that you don't, just reinforcing it's importance)

  22. Nieuw van WeAreChange BitCoin, Price Surge, China, Jamie, Dimon, WH……. Succes ermee! Categorie Mensen en Blogs! Licentie Standaard! YouTube–Licentie!

  23. Luke – you talk like you dont own cryptos. Whats up with that? I spent time watching this because I thought this was supposed to tell me "WHAT I NEEDED TO KNOW" – But, Its really just a video for people who dont even own any and are still on the fence. There's so many better videos about BITCOIN on YT with up to date info on these subjects. PLZ retitle this, "if you dont have bitcoin here's why you should" to not waste REAL crypto investor's time. Because TIME IS BITCOIN.

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  25. Jeff needs to stop plucking his eye brows, starting to look like Conchita Wurst. WeAreFreemasons,

  26. Indulging in Acapulco Gold? The sweetness! 🙂

  27. Gold is worthless!
    Silver is worthless!
    Opium, Marijuana, Tobacco, and other medicinal plants are where it is at.
    When money crumbles and you break your leg, Gold doesn't kill pain and no Opium farmer will take metal, they want food, fuel, food, booze, coffee, and yes, Medicinal Plants!
    Gold luck with metals that won't be worth shit when society falls!
    Farmers will control the World.
    City people are Stupid!
    Good luck loosers!

  28. Bit coin is a stupid lateral move from fake fiat paper!

  29. Now i know why your so anti dollar, trying to push this bitcoin bs. If bitcoin dies then please delete your channel for all your propaganda . Byeeee!!!!

  30. Are you in Acapulco just to talk to Jeff Berwick?

  31. If anyone needs help with bitcoin,… please contact me 732-816-4557

  32. What about ACC (asset command chain) which is a block chain based on the SDR made to eventually digitize all assets on earth and will able to be traded with bitcoin or ethereum? If this is the path they take, they would not even have to control a specific crypto currency to put an international currency into place.

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  34. I wonder who were the ones who hit dislike on this video. (O_o) Really?? It was really good in a lot of ways.

  35. If I've learned anything from the YouTube comment section, it's that it is futile to argue with a douchebag…

  36. There is no such thing as crypto currency only crypto speculation vehicles. The problem with Fiat is not the central banks themselves but that the central banks are privately owned. To establish a currency you first need a central bank with government backing to fix the value of the currency to a basket of common goods.
    Can any of you crypto junkies explain to me how bitcoin can stabilise so that a baker can sell bread and tomorrow have enough bitcoin to buy more flour and still make a profit??? PLEASE

    This Jamie clown just admitted that the whole thing is a ponzi and that once he gets his money he would just move onto the next crypto ponzi and i get it we cant stop him nor can you stop a fool from being separated from his money.

  37. Bitcoin is a scam based on no real value. Reason why it's in current demand is simply because money is being funneled out from China and other restricted countries circumventing established banking routes. This is why the Chinese government as well as some other sensible are clamping it down. Mainstream banks want in on this is because of current demand only…

  38. If bitcoin doesn't exist anywhere then how is it money? It is literally the same concept of the Fed printing money with reckless abandon

  39. tiptoe through the tulips with me lol come guys its not backed by any assets it rises on its own hype how do you justify the increase it's not a corporation did not invent a new product nothing other than fear of the fiat currency and control of the elites pozzi scheme think about wealth and how to store it that you hold silver and gold cheers

  40. It is not as easy to buy all bitcoin as you might think.  For exaple, there ae many who bought early and are just holding most of what they bought. For this reason, an the predator class buys up what they can, all they accomplish is driving up the cost of Bitcoins.

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