More Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-16) – More China Leaked Docs – Is JPM Buying Bitcoin? – Price

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China’s three largest bitcoin exchanges will all cease providing native buying and selling | TechCrunch

Don’t let the bankers idiot you: bitcoin is right here to remain | Dominic Frisby | Opinion | The Guardian

Leaked Chinese language Translation on Gov’t Plans

JPM Buying Bitcoin is Faux Information

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  1. be carefull tone! al socialist over there in germany and switzerland!! health care, public transport, education, university .. everything. We know .. you don't care but serious .. you might get infected .. take care! 🙂

  2. You guys are freakin' awesome! Peace from New Hampster, USA

  3. I love World Crypto Network. It was great to have Richard Heart back…I only wish I could have heard more from him.

  4. We all knew China was not a democratic nation. This isn't a surprise. HODL the line!

  5. You can see the buy and sell side in Gemini too but not in graph form and it has been 6 figure BTC buy orders versus only hundreds sell orders and been going on since BTC went all the way to 5k and it has not change even during the bear days these last few weeks. That's why I was wondering why the price drop so much setting aside the bear news.

  6. Yes but that 1% are being hammered. No support for them to stay, continue and hold. I'm really frustrated.

  7. Jaime Dimon will sell his soul to make money or further his purpose. Proven.

  8. Jimmy you woke up way to early

  9. Oh I exactly understand trading but I consider bitcoin my store of value, my bank… I don't trade my bank and choose not to.

  10. I wanna say Tone Is 100% right about the jpm issue. also richard explains the fact of bitcoin being illegal, is just like when you make anything else illegal, price goes up!! good news for Bitcoin!!! love you guys i hope to be on the show sometime 🙂

  11. buy on fud. right on richard

  12. Max calls J Diamond a tape worm? hahah

  13. SCAM CDOs didn't take Jamie Dimon's (criminal enterprise) JP Morgan down…

    Hopefully BTC will. Ha Ha Ha. HUH? WHAT?

  14. What do Bernie Madoff, Jon Corzine and Jamie Dimon have in common?


  15. Jamie Dimon ignored the Volcker Rule and continued to take counter party positions against its own Clients.

    A definite conflict of interest. Guess who loses? hahahaha

  16. 13:08 Richard is right this is the internet cant trust everything we here or read: This book explains it in great detail
    Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator Paperback – Jul 2 2013

  17. BTW guys, IIRC there's a "display to everyone" button in Hangouts, somewhere next to the Screen Sharing button, which ensures everyone watching will see your screen

  18. All of you need to have headset or having a unidirectional mic for not having echo! Great show!

  19. watching this over and over, but because it's the best part of video.

  20. Lack of I2P monitoring would make post Kovri implementation Monero an interesting option for the Chinese.

  21. I agree with Richard totally. We are the people who will decide the fate of Bitcoin, not a central bank or a goverment. Hold and dont panic!
    We are, 1-5 mln people out of 7 billions, making history now by not selling and believing in Butcoin and tech behind it.

  22. bitcoin bgold bifurcation…….. HUH? WHAT?

  23. Sooooo….Jamie Dimon ADMITS his own Daughter BUYS Bitcoin……and you think he does not realize the opportunity he is creating for Her?….and Himself? …….hmmm……coincidences do not exist.

  24. The Bitcoin community is so AWESOME!

  25. Tone you seriously need to get be a little stronger on your comments on Jamie Dimon, because it seems your kinda kissing his BUTT in regards to his views on Bitcoin. Any intelligent person who doesn't know about something would not make a comment on it than trash it.

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  27. Keep up the good work everyone! Tone, you make sense. Heart and Song, awesome work! Thanks.

  28. JP Morgan is a criminal organisation!

  29. Governments=demonic corruption