BITCOIN: $13,800 & BEYOND?

Clif Excessive from returns to SGT Report to debate the most recent internet bot knowledge and the linguistic tendencies that counsel a close to time period worth of $6,888 for Bitcoin earlier than a large correction after which a run as much as $13,800, and probably past, by February of 2018. NOTE: This dialog does NOT represent funding recommendation, it’s merely a dialogue about crypto currencies that are extraordinarily risky and NOT for the faint of coronary heart. As with all potential “funding’ do your individual due diligence earlier than committing a dime to ANY crypto.


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  1. It is always prudent to guard your returns. If you lose 50% you must make a 100% gain to be even. So your friend is a long term trader and understands wealth building strategies. It is very easy to make money and very hard to keep it.

  2. This dude is high as a kite. He is crazy and not to be believed. Wish it were so, but the man is a fucking HIGH, idiot ,fear-monger, deluded individual.

  3. I think Clif bought his web bot off some gypsy at the fair with his results.

  4. I think there is a more important aspect of crypto currencies being missed by SGT and by everyone else, whether they like bitcoin and want to buy it, or don't like it and can't find value in the product. The fact remains that it is an alternate system of exchanging the products that one produces and consumes. If people will accept I.O.U's for their product and services, Which is essentially what all currencies are, crypto , fiat or otherwise. What is preventing them from accepting real money, i.e. gold and silver for their products instead? Any time you can exchange one item of value for another item of similar value, an item that the federal government does not recognize as legal tender, then you need not pay taxes on the transaction. Indeed the way to defeat the international bankers is to not use their currencies at all, and to remove those legislators who propose to criminalize this honest form of exchange once they realize it is the end of their gravy train.

  5. The dollar has gone down the toilet…my haircut went up $2 from last month.

  6. It's going to be up and down…it will correct for sure. What do you do? You either sell high, and buy back low, or you just HODL.

  7. Bitcoin won't even hit 13k by 2020. The mania we see today in cryptos will be repeated in one other market prior to 2020. Unless you stand at a distance, you can't observe the greed that is consumes individuals no matter the market. Right now we are at the denial stage.
    (Greed, delusion, denial, fear, capitulation)

    Three (3) markets are converging, one is foreshadowing the moves of the other on a micro level. Two will have gone parabolic before this timeframe, and then will have crashed to levels thought unbelievable, by the masses. Neither will be in the spotlight at that time.

    The third market, will continue on an ascending course, but won't reach its true value until after 2020.

    I'm being vague on purpose. Learn and research, or don't. Listen, position yourself, or don't. It's a game folks, and you are the test subjects. The play books of the past still work on the newly unaware, generational players of today. Why do you think there are tulip mania type opportunities, generationally?

  8. Hey Sean! I have a Basecoin account too but didn't know you could use an off line storage device like Trazor that you mentioned in the interview with Clif. How did you do that? PS I am new to cryptos but was looking into how to save my cyrpto purchases through Coinbase to make sure no one can steal them or compromise them in some other way.

  9. I read an article on ZeroHedge today noting that barriers to entry in crypto currencies is low, and that should put a damper on prices at some point when the mania subsides.  There can be unlimited competition for crypto currencies, but not for PMs.

  10. Clif is an obvious agent of the crypto creators. He will profit greatly from the digital enslavement of all. His web-bot hits 0% on everything but cryptos. Hmmmmmm.. Sounds like someone is distributing inside info. This is an obvious scam, fueled by greed, to hand the elite total control of your wealth. IT'S DIGITAL..IT DOESN'T EXIST! The internet of everything is the control of everything.

  11. Sean, as a Christian, I find it mind boggling that you follow the words of a self proclaimed Shaman like Clif High. Diviner, wizard,Shaman etc……..C'mon Sean. Time to wake up.

  12. Half past stupid should be this jack ass website.

  13. SGT you will lose all credibility if you keep inverviewing crazy people like Cliff High and that Zang person.

  14. sure get bitcoin to purchase whatever BUT DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE BITCOIN AS A STORE OF WEALTH BEWARE AND BE FOREWARNED their plans for cryptos and bitcoin are about to come out into the light….we ppl ready for this?? NO!!! esp crazy crypto freaks….they have been planning and prodding and they are going to strike soon….PLAYING WITH CRYPTOS IS GAMBLING you must understand that…..just like if you are still playing the market you are gambling YOU ARE SAYING I THINK THE PPT IS GOING TO KEEP BUYIN I THINK THE ESF IS GOING TO KEEP BUYING I THINK THE FED IS GOING TO KEEP BUYING I THINK THE STOCK BUY BACKS ARE GOING TO CONTINUE I THINK THE FOREIGN BANKS ARE GOING TO KEEP BUYING its amazing to me and the big mack daddy of em all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HFT IS STILL BUYING if anyone of theses stops or even lessens you will see MASSIVE reverberations in the market and there are similar things in cryptos maybe not all but most and the big boys!!

  15. if we are at the developer stage – Im gonna be ……. rich

  16. This guy believes in chemtrails. Delusional.

  17. If ETH goes to 538 and BTC goes to 13888, you do realize that you are losing btc value and youre better off staying in BTC, right?

  18. Cliff is strange. Nothing he says sticks.

  19. The question is: which bitcoin, bitcoin segwit or bitcoin cash?

  20. Save 3% on cloud mining services at! Use code NmQ3PF

  21. Clif High is a very smart cookie his predictions on Bitcoin have been remarkably accurate.

  22. Can someone explain to me how the blockchain will process transactions if 3% of the population enter bitcoin?

  23. I love Cliff. He is so intelligent, versatile, humble and knowledgeable. Thanks for having him.

  24. if you send me bitcoin ill tell you a scary story 1FVESuSqCvwDKZTcnUEnydorM4Ym2xrmQ2

  25. Earn 0.4Btc in 48hours … blockchain wallet required …for info inbox me

  26. Stephen Kovaka · CFO at PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.

    Sean – I read elsewhere that the USG eagerly approved a bitcoin ETF, and now also the trading of BTC futures and options. Isn't this exactly the way the the USG controls the prices of gold and silver, which like BTC are possible escape hatches from the $$$ matrix? What would prevent "someone" (e.g., the Treasury's Exchange Stabilization Fund) with unlimited FRNs from controlling the price of BTC just as they keep the stock markets pumped up and control the prices of silver and gold? Not to mention that the gold ETF siphoned off demand for gold itself into a non-gold promissory security, supposedly "based" on gold. I'm concerned that this is how the USG intends to corral the price of BTC, since they can't directly stomp it out.

    This would be like playing poker with Bill Gates: it wouldn't matter what cards he was holding since he could continue to raise on every hand and you couldn't afford to see his raise and call him.

  27. If you don't hold your private key, you don't own any Bitcoin. Hold your Bitcoin in a Ledger or a Trezor. Looking forward to decentralize exchanges or atomic swaps between cryptos.

  28. Litecoin is better as a technology and as an investment. It's increased 1300% this year vs only 350% for bitcoin.

    Clif predicted the gains that are occurring now for Litecoin

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  32. Someone tell Cliff to get some rest. We need him well…

  33. Who are the lunatics who hear Cliff say he got silver wrong because of a "wave of emotion" from the FUTURE that corrupted his data, and STILL follow him?

  34. they give you a illusion of limited supply! 1 bitcoin can own by one people or can be divided to a million people. I think 21 million bitcoins is way too many. If they want they can have one bitcoin for the masses of the people on earth. What the point of having limited supply of 21 million bitcoins when they can be subdivisions to 8 decimal places! Bitcoin is like the black hole its can suck all the wealth on earth or the entire universe!

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  36. Bitcoin is now being manipulated by China and JPMorgan.
    Don't expect to see it hit $5000 in the next 10 years. It will flat-line around $4000 the same way gold is suppressed above $1300.

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