How To Mine Ethereum – Full Tutorial (Nvidia or AMD | Windows 10)

Wish to know the way to mine Ethereum utilizing Windows 10? This video is a full tutorial for inexperienced persons that may train you the way to get began mining Ethereum utilizing both an Nvidia or AMD graphics card. Setup a pockets, obtain and set up the most recent variations of mining software program (Claymore), and be part of a mining pool (Nanopool).

Notice: I’ve up to date a hyperlink to the Github Web page for Nanopool. The outdated hyperlink from once I made this video now not works. The up to date hyperlink is under.


Claymore Mining Software program:
Ethereum Pockets:

You probably have any questions depart them within the remark part and I’ll do my finest to assist.

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  1. Wait… why am I watching this when I'm not even old enough to drink?

  2. It’s best tutorial in YouTube if u can, make some video tutorial Bitcoin pls

  3. After running the .bat file i just get the black cmd screen for few seconds and it disappears after that. Can anyone help me?

  4. Nanominer steals 1% of the reward mined, additional to the pool fee, no?

  5. Really good u give step by step instructions thanks

  6. Please give information about mining types and software I am new in mining

  7. Hey man. This is obsolete.. outdated. There's no option "Generate your config". There's "Configure miner", which i assume is it but it takes me to a completely different page with command lines I need to manually input into the mining software. Any help? Much appreciated for your time and help. 🙂

  8. Sir platincoina update great opportunity

  9. Outdated
    Either the Beta Test of the auto config failed or the link is just bad.
    I'll find another pool and another miner.

  10. Are you still alive? Great tutorials which suddenly stopped.

  11. Guys, are u try mine? U can easy mine with CryptoTab browser, set as default and u can start mine Bitcoin. Its very easy and simple, u must try it.

  12. hey so this guy just sped up your video and copied your exact video. here is the title: How To Mine Ethereum [Very Easy] using Windows 10 [2019]

  13. ….. will my satellite, toshiba, AMD E1, Energy Star, (this is what I see on my lil laptop) be able to do all this 😀

    Edit 4 minutes after I commented this: I am Upgrading soon but I want to know if I wanted to if I could

  14. i have a gtx 1060 3gb is it even worth it for me to mine?

  15. It's hard to do it. Your video and the links are not the same.

  16. in ETh , phoenix 2miners i get a system crash 1 about every 24 hr somethin g about cuda driver . that driver is from NVIDIA an i am using 6 , Radeon VII 's what should i set my V ram at ? does it matter ?

  17. 14:00 I'm getting the wrong password right here, can you help.

  18. Hey so when i click on generate miner it sends me to github again any suggestions

  19. What’s the link please for – I can’t seem to get to your page with all the latest files 🤔🤔🤔

  20. watched the video and I dont think my situation fits your video. I have been using miningpoolhub via smos. I havent done this rig ip address before.
    So, lets assume that I have a rig. i also have a coinbase ethereum wallet. I recognize parts of these command lines but Icannot figure out the pieces. I know the pool address should,, how do you set up a worker? when I used awesomeminer, I set up a worker very easily. One that was done, I chose what I wanted to mine and was all I had to do besides put in a wallet address. that was just a termorary address held at the pool hub. I then put in my address that went into another count.
    smos will have the rig names part , I have to give the port address for the miner to know where to mine. smos doesnt help me but it wants to.
    How do I set up a new account so that I can tell smos where to go and what to do? What does the line look like . im going to fall into the u.s.. east.

    can you just create that line so I can change the numbers , add, my info

  21. This thing can make me money?
    Why ?
    People buy this stuff?
    But for what…
    Just to sell it later?
    Basically you make money out of nothing…
    Ok, I wanna do that xD

  22. When I start the "start" a few moments later he say : "Pool sent wrong data, cannot set epoch, disconnect"

  23. yea that first link only downloads a readme file that has nothing.

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  25. ETH: Authorization failed
    : {"id":2,"result":false,"error":null}

  26. how do i download now since there is no mega

  27. i can't download Nanominer. It takes me to their table of contents and no download file

  28. my account doesnt show up in the database

  29. very interesting topic. keep it up. here is your new friend. keep connected

  30. Nanopool is only nanominer nowe. Mayby a update?

  31. I try do everything what you showing,but on my computer complete different showing.. even mining pool…I not really interested..why..

  32. people, keep your NVIDIA drivers update!

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