Ethereum in Depth: Smart Contracts – Part 1: What is a Smart Contract?

Part 2:

On this video I give an introduction to good contracts in ethereum.

First I clarify what accounts are in a easier foreign money solely blockchain.

Then I present how ethereum introduces a second kind of account: a code managed account (aka good contract).

This kind of account doesn’t have a personal key however as an alternative is managed by code.

It will probably retailer ether, identical to consumer accounts, or it could hold a steadiness of zero and be used to ship another perform throughout the context of an utility.

I then give examples of how you should utilize good contracts.

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  1. Great explanation! Fantastic work

  2. Great explanation Kevin. Thank you for posting this. The wheels are turning.

  3. The number of views and comments on this video is very promising and Inspiring to me !

  4. You looked, sounded and behaved like Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley
    and of Course this was a great video.

  5. Awesome! great thanks Kevin! Great explanation!

  6. “Sending ether to a smart contract” was kind of an “ah hah!” moment for me

  7. hey how long woud it take you to write a smart contract like in your example of distrubiting ETH to 5 accounts? how bright is the future for BTC smart contracts? will there be any real need to uses the ETH network and their contracts?

  8. lawyers that know computerscience are going to make a killing in the smart contract economy

  9. Wow….great examples! Thanks. You should make more videos.

  10. You can terminate a smart contract:

    function close() public
    Calling close() deletes the contract, returning the funds to owner.
    EDIT: is that a didgeridoo in the corner?

  11. The explanation i have been looking for! thank you!

  12. Great video, it was exactly what I was looking for!

  13. What if the stats company goes bust or shuts down the api? Or they decide to reclassify what an earthquake is, like say anything below 5 is a tremor not a quake?

  14. Great Video Kevin.

    Thank you for this information.

  15. Let have a glance about how smart contract used in Dapps .To know more about smart contract

  16. Brilliant way to educate on the concept of smart contract. Really simple definition that everyone could easily understand. Hat off to you for your excellent work!

  17. great video, thank you, I learnt something new. I had heard the term 'smart contract' before, but had no idea what it was. Now I get it, it is some automated financial transaction.

    However, I did not understand the point of the shared hosting example; that section was a waste of time to watch. The entire video would be better without it.

  18. Who can guarantee that the are no backdoors ?

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  21. If new employee joins, again new smart contract to be created right ? As you said they are immutable .. however if frequently employees join and leave company , then smart contract is to created frequently ….how to handle this issue ?

  22. It's not changeable, but it's "pausable". If the central banking families don't like something you say on social media, they can pause the actual currency itself, such that it cannot be used for anything ever.

  23. Great video ! you had me for the full duration. To the Future and smart contracts !

  24. I feel anxiety looking at him holding the microphone cable that way

  25. Brilliant. Everything was explained exactly how I wanted.

  26. Can someone explain the future of ethereum? So if I'm not mistaken, ethereum is a platform which allows for the development of decentralized apps (DAPPS) which will run off of the ether currency. What is the future for this when concerning corporations in the future? Who will be creating these DAPPS and what are the incentives to do so. I understand the incentives to mine as you are rewarded with crypto. I understand the incentives on the user/consumer side but not the producer and creators of these DAPPS. Maybe someone can explain.

  27. hmm, you example show, how smart contract are useless. So when people number 2 will not work at all, he still give 2 eth as others. So needs someone to report peoples work.

  28. Descriptive tutorial on smart contracts.

  29. Thankyou for taking the time to make your video 🙏

  30. you made a difference! thanks.

  31. Amazing video! You have a talent to explain complicated stuff in a simple manner! Wish you were more active.

  32. Bro… you are a real teacher. I could watch this all day. I actually understand smart contracts. Wow!

  33. Very clear thanks! I still don't see why anyone would use this though (IMHO). The payroll example shows why I can't see the point of smart contracts. You would have a series of financial controls in place to ensure people were paid the right amount, and how would a smart contract deal with the numerous amendments (e.g. increased pension contributions) and exceptions that exist in real life? Programmers deal with logic but real life is never that simple. Plus why would a company convert its income into ether to pay employees who would then need to convert ether to fiat? Both parties taking on market risk and adding a layer of complexity that isn't needed. Commercially why would you enter into something that isn't open to challenge and cannot handle nuance?

  34. Astonishing!i was looking for smart contract on that level of details.Thanks.

  35. hi thanks for tour content! i felt the need to understand how smart contract works as forsage appear on thin air need get equipped

  36. I know understand ether, smart contracts and ethereum. Thanks! I'm research to make an investment in ether :))

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