Bitcoin News #46 – BCH Launch, New ATHs, $1.6 Billion in ICOs

Bitcoin information for the week of July 31st with @theonevortex @RichardHeartWin @GabrielDVine @BitcoinErrorLog @sharkybit
& particular visitor @VinnyLingham!

-BCH Launches after which suffers transaction malleability assault
-Bitcoin reaches new ATHs, over $3200!
-Over $500 million raised in ICOs for simply the month of july taking it to over $1.6 billion for this yr


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  1. 1:48 Introductions
    4:11 Bitcoin Cash transaction malleability attack
    10:13 Gabriel's thoughts on Bitcoin Cash
    19:24 John Carvalho introduction
    21:20 Edward's thoughts on Bitoin Cash
    25:11 Richard's thoughts on Bitcoin Cash
    33:56 John's thoughts on Bitcoin Cash
    49:43 Bitcoin all time highs
    1:25:50 Billion dollar ICOs & Vinny's project
    1:31:35 ICOs – John's thoughts – Intense Civic discussion
    1:47:20 ICOs – Gabriel's thoughts – Civic identity government abuse
    1:57:13 ICOs – Richard's thoughts
    2:12:34 ICOs – Edward's thoughts
    2:16:19 Vinny final thoughts

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  2. John asks Vinny a question but then never lets Vinny answer. He just assumes the answer to the question he just stated and tries to use that as proof to go after Vinny.

  3. Only thing I dislike about WCN is no one to give any supporting ideas for big blocks creating a very one sided show. I'm against BCC/BCH and big blocks done in that manner I'm also against just Segwit. Segwit2x would be the best solution to make everyone happy and WCN is pushing out Segwit2x already and telling everyone to go to BCC. I think BCC does prove big blocks wont be a network issue like all the Segwit only people are pushing and saying including WCN. I look at spam attacks blocking on chain transactions just as dangerous as blocks that are to large. Both of theses attacks could potentially hurt a small block or large hence a happy medium would be ideal.

  4. When Vinny said he sold his bitcoins during the BTU drama and fud, I bought more. When he launched his ICO I stayed as far away from it as possbile. The only ID application that might be useful on a blockchain is to actually prove you exist or existed and I would want that on a proper decentralized PoW blockchain. Maybe you pissed off the government and they want to erase you as much as they can. But how many people need that utility right now? It's not very cost efficient either because bigger data storage (ID scans and vids etc) on the actual blockchain is really expensive from what I hear. I see no use case in the Civic token to be honest.

  5. So much mooning — likely we will get a ticket for public indecent exposure. LOL

  6. I LOOOOOVE how they got Vinny on the show and he got TOTALY ripped apart for his ICO bullshit, there is NO need for a Civic Token at all!

  7. The true bitcoin will always be the one not being run by the miners and the one that protects decentralization the most!

  8. 46:30. An old coin fuggin' off ?!

  9. Vinny and Renegade Investor seem to be the only guests thinking in terms of possibilites and probabilities; the other guests assert claims with no consideration to the chance that they could be wrong.

  10. whats with all the depressed dorks on here today, that one idiot looking guys is like that piece of shit ethereum coin etc. and than he states that he didn't invest and oh yes we know why your so depressed and angry looking walk out side looser get some sunshine don't feel bad about your self your hatred for BCC is hilarious your operating from so much emotion. you like a bitch tat got his first girlfriend and another dude come in the mix and you got all but hurt man up you pussy

  11. Vinny needs to make money with that ICO so that he can buy back into BTC.

  12. Not studied Civic much… but I think it's a useful service in principal – especially dealing with the red tape here in South Africa.
    How people handle their businesses, and who and how people invest in them – are their own choices.
    Won't be selling any of by bitcoin to invest……. but I hope one day to use the service.
    Good luck Vinny!

  13. I must admit that I value this youtube channel as an important source for everything crypto… but the blatant and petulant hatred for Bitcoin Cash makes me like it even more… It shows so much weakness to attack like this constantly.. Bitcoin Cash has an amazing future, so much is now clear after a week…

    The only sane and honest person who appears on this show seems to be Jimmy Song… He seems also the only person to have a realistic look at Bitcoin Cash and will not rule it out dominating in the future…

    For this Richard dude to start an intellectual debate with calling something a ''piece of shit'' and ''fucking terrible'' should tell you al you need to know…

  14. The arrogance of ignorance; confirmation bias; Dunning-Kruger Effect.
    Level up, fellow TrustNet supporters. Trust the protocols, ignore the self-styled 'experts'.
    "Pricing in USD"- or any other fiat – is a fundamental error. We're smarter that that.
    Segwit and the Lightning Layer(s) are coming.
    Spoiler alert: trading precious metals on lightning layers will provide true price discovery and lift artificial price controls. Think globally.

  15. How much spam is or was created by different bitcoin tumblers/mixers?

  16. How is vinny sitting in such a shithole?

  17. There's only one thing more disturbing to me than the useless BCash, and that is, a bunch of Bitcoin maximalists (supremacists).
    Richard again insulting Ethereum just because it casts a shadow on Bitcoin is boring, so boring and useless.
    I own Bitcoin, but that doesn't blind me from appreciating the value of Ether. It's so childish to force everybody to use only Bitcoin.

  18. Really enjoyed the show. Well hosted. Thanks.

  19. Great show. A lot of good information, however super bias towards a rainbow multi trillion bitcoin future.
    -Btc became a speculative digital asset with NOTHING backing it.
    -BTC can be used as mean of exchange, but it is not being used for that, it has become a digital gold… so what is the purpose of BTC other then speculative?
    -BTC became slow and expensive to trade, opposite from its initial idea.

  20. Great panel! Except for Linny Vingham. Please get all of them on more! (Especially John!!!)

  21. Great broadcast. I appreciate Richard's opinions.

  22. Gabriel & Richard, good comments. Civic is a scam.

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  24. btc=gold
    eth=decentralized apps
    ardor=most likely the best business/market blockchain

  25. what coin was Richard talking about with color grid and declarative contracts? # 30 on market cap is Gnosis?

  26. World Maximalist Network

  27. Why is the dude with the slick hair vilifying Vinnie. Read the fucking white paper first.

  28. What coin is Richard talking about @26:50

  29. What about Global Entry or Clear? Civic applies the same criteria to voting.

  30. OMG – NOT ADDING REPLAY PROTECTION AND WIPEOUT PROTECTION !!! thats sounds like a disaster waiting to happen…am I wrong ?!?!? I thought all this BCH Trash Cash Crap was already bad enough !!! Are things gonna get even more "risky" soon…??? !!!

  31. Which crypto is Richard talking about at 27:00?

  32. Absolutely love Richard's perspectives!

  33. Renegade Investor – well put !!! – people in finance just werent interested in Bitcoin…Unfortunately I think I can better that… I work in IT, and from what I have seen, the amount of people in IT that have little interest in Bitcoin, or more importantly, don't even really care about how Blockchains work, is almost unbelievable, considering Bitcoin and Blockchains is about as deep into IT as you can get !!! jokes all the way I think !!!
    cheers to everyone – wicked show !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the great work !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. in november is bitcoin cash split or one more bitcoin split ?

  35. Bitcoin optimist: "Buy Bitcoin. It is revolutionary."
    Financial 'expert': "Don't buy Bitcoin. It's a fraud. Bitcoin won't work. We already have money."

    Alt optimist: "Buy alts. They are revolutionary."
    Bitcoin optimist: "Don't buy alts. They are a fraud. Alts won't work. We already have Bitcoin."

  36. youtube com/watch?v=UIDV6AV9ySk Blockchain get BCH Bitcoin Cash for free from 01.08.2017

  37. Great show. You always pick interesting guests. Your show and Thomas are best crypto shows.

  38. John's thoughts on ICOs were standard rhetoric from a Maximalist. Blanket statements show laziness.

  39. Lol, I applaud Vinny's patience having a conversation with these kid's who want to criticize his business without even taking the time to read the whitepaper. It's a fucking joke.

  40. YouTube com/watch?v=nYQFgoSB468 Get your BCH Bitcoin Cash for free from 01.08.2017

  41. John nailed it! Thanks to this I don't go near civic. Vinny, you seem to be confused about what your doing or selling. The use of token is totally scam. It's not even on a chainblock. You can as well use fiat.

  42. white elitist thinking they are always the smartest. prove it by being successful like Vinny.

  43. We're seeing how the market is valueing big blocks now aren't we?

  44. John, I completely understand your distaste for the ICO market, but your attacks on Vinny were pretty unnecessary.

    1) Read the whitepaper before you attack the model bro ๐Ÿ˜›

    2) Of course more people are speculating than using the service, this is true for EVERY coin. Ether is supposed to be for smart contracts and transactions, but most people are using it for speculation. Bit odd to blame Civic for this issue.

    3) I'm somewhat neutral on the pro-ICO vs anti-ICO debate, but I do think that many startups will continue to ICO in the future. When atomic swaps become easier, we're probably going to see a number of mini-markets/mini-economies run by tokens and blockchains. I don't think this is a bad thing. It'll definitely be interesting.

  45. whats the new bit coin or cryto posed to hit 8/29/2017 and 8/31/2017