Not your keys? Not your Bitcoin. Featuring Andreas Antonopoulos

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Or, as we within the IBA wish to say:

If you do not have a non-public key, you do not have Bitcoin.

If your bitcoins are held in a third celebration hosted pockets, you do not have Bitcoin.

If your bitcoins are in a hybrid pockets and you don’t have any pockets backup, you do not have Bitcoin.

If you do not know what sort of pockets your bitcoins are held in or whether or not you management the personal keys, you do not have Bitcoin.

In case you do not even bear in mind which pockets your bitcoins are held in or the place it’s, and your plan is to contact the Bitcoin Company to inform you which pockets you’ve got opened and restore the whole lot for you, you do not have Bitcoin.

You probably have a pockets backup and password and the whole lot is sweet, however in your will you haven’t specified particulars on the way to entry the bitcoins… You’ll have Bitcoin, but when one thing ought to ever occur to you, your household would not have Bitcoin.

In case you imagine you may have Bitcoin, there is a first rate probability you do not have Bitcoin.

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